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Research & Health

Research & Health


Shopping Mall for Persons with Handicap

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[01/02/2012] Researchers of the University of Montreal construct a first shopping mall specifically adapted to persons with a physical handicap.Shopping Mall for Persons with Handicap - Read more

Access-City Award 2012

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[17/08/2011] The European Commission nominates of the “Access City Award” - the European Award for Accessible Cities. The annual prize aims to showcase and reward cities which take exemplary steps to improve their accessibility for people with disabilities in fundamental aspects of city living.Access-City Award 2012 - Read more

Breaking Down Barriers to Voting for Seniors

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[18/03/2011] A study of a process called mobile polling – where election officials register voters onsite, then bring voting ballots to long term care residents and provide voter assistance as needed – found that nursing home residents, staff and election officials all agreed that mobile polling is better than current voting methods.Breaking Down Barriers to Voting for Seniors - Read more

How the Elderly Find their Ways

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[14/01/2011] The research project “Older People's Use of Unfamiliar Space” examined the strategies used by older people to find their way in unfamiliar spaces as pedestrians and users of public transport.How the Elderly Find their Ways - Read more

Barrier-free living

When living in one’s very own four walls, people utter the desire, “This is where I want to grow old!" However, when retirement does come along other problems follow that weren't considered before. That may not pose a problem yet, but for people in wheelchairs, for example, these things can be a huge burden. Barrier-free living - Read more

Accessible Travel

Whatever your plans are for this year's vacation - there are still obstacles and difficulties to conquer when travelling with a disability. We list interesting resources for handicapped travellers. Accessible Travel - Read more


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