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Research & Health

Research & Health


Working Towards a Better Hearing Aid

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Photo: Work table and sound simulations [31/10/2012] Twenty per cent of hearing aid users in Norway use the equipment for only an hour each day. The reason is often poor fitting and inadequate support. Now all this could change.Working Towards a Better Hearing Aid - Read more

Vehicle Conversions: No off the Shelf Cars

When people with physical impairments want to drive a car, they cannot simply get into any vehicle and start driving. Depending on the disability, the vehicle needs to meet specific conditions; generally, a customization is necessary. The German Association of Disabled Car Owners (“Bund behinderter Auto-Besitzer/BbAB) provides help in regards to conversions.Vehicle Conversions: No off the Shelf Cars - Read more

Senior Citizens: Asking Those to Whom it May Concern

Too small keys, too small writing: The design of the new coffeemaker or of the new mobile phone is not always well thought through. The development of many products often disregards the users. Above all senior citizens can tell you a thing or two about it. Now the Senior Research Group from Berlin, Germany wants to change this.Senior Citizens: Asking Those to Whom it May Concern - Read more

First GPS for the Blind

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[25/06/2012] A new application for devices with Android operating systems, called OnTheBus, helps people find their way and move around in large cities. The application is useful especially for people with visual, hearing or cognitive impairments.First GPS for the Blind - Read more

Globetrotter in a Wheelchair: "Men with Kalashnikovs Have Arrested Me"

Far countries, foreign cultures – this are the challenges Andreas Pröve faces up to over and over again with enthusiasm. His wheelchair does not hinder his thirst for adventure, on the contrary: Just because many people do not think he is capable of doing it, he ventures the apparently impossible.Globetrotter in a Wheelchair: "Men with Kalashnikovs Have Arrested Me" - Read more

The BunBos: a Coloured Fleet

In Plaue at the Havel, Germany, the most unusual houseboats far and wide start: the BunBos. Also with bag and baggage there is enough tyre freedom on board for wheel chair drivers. Thus, adventurers can spend day and night on the water. Travelling can hardly be more uncomplicated.The BunBos: a Coloured Fleet - Read more

Tongue Drive System Goes Inside the Mouth

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[27/02/2012] The Tongue Drive System is getting less conspicuous and more capable. Tongue Drive is a wireless device that enables people with high-level spinal cord injuries to operate a computer and manoeuvre an electrically powered wheelchair simply by moving their tongues.Tongue Drive System Goes Inside the Mouth - Read more

Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

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[08/02/2012] Kessler Foundation awarded a Signature Employment Grant in the amount of 425,000 Dollars to the Office of Research Services at the University of Hawaii, to advance employment opportunities for people with disabilities.Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities - Read more

Shopping Mall for Persons with Handicap

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[01/02/2012] Researchers of the University of Montreal construct a first shopping mall specifically adapted to persons with a physical handicap.Shopping Mall for Persons with Handicap - Read more

Access-City Award 2012

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[17/08/2011] The European Commission nominates of the “Access City Award” - the European Award for Accessible Cities. The annual prize aims to showcase and reward cities which take exemplary steps to improve their accessibility for people with disabilities in fundamental aspects of city living.Access-City Award 2012 - Read more


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