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Canadian Census Forms Are fully Accessible

Canadian Census Forms Are fully Accessible

Census Day is May 16, 2006, and for the first time, the entire country will be able to take part by using an accessible online form.

Starting May 2, a paper questionnaire will be delivered to households across Canada. A personalized internet access code is printed on the front page of each questionnaire, which allows users to log into the statistics Canada website and access a secure census form.

The online census form is compatible with the latest version of JAWS, and is also compatible with braille outboard displays. Users may also order a large-print questionnaire, or complete the questionnaire via telephone interview. Braille and audio copies of the questionnaire are also available, but these are for reference only: users will still need to complete a census form on paper, online, by phone or in person.

Canadians with mobility challenges can navigate throughout the online census questionnaire using just a keyboard, while individuals with hearing loss may complete their questionnaire over the Internet without any special accommodation as no audio sounds, music or speech are used on the online questionnaire.

Completing the questionnaire online can also save time: online edits alert respondents to missing or invalid responses, and automated "skips” ensure that respondents are not presented with questions that are not relevant to them.

Statistics Canada's website employs a secure login process and strong encryption to prevent eavesdropping or tampering with any information given online.

- More information about the Canadian National Institute for the Blind at:


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