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Fuel Price Rises Will Hit Pensioners Hard

Fuel Price Rises Will Hit Pensioners Hard


Powergen has announced gas price increases of 18.4 per cent and electricity bill rises by 9.7 per cent.

Mervyn Kohler, Head of Public Affairs at Help the Aged respond to this news: "These latest fuel prices increases are just the latest in a long line of inflation-busting rises in household bills which will hit the poorest pensioners hard. Following on from spiralling Council Tax bills and water rates, many older people will struggle to afford to pay them and still have money left over to afford basics like food and clothes.

As energy costs rise and increase in bills continues, fuel suppliers must ensure that their schemes to assist the most vulnerable customers are made an urgent priority. Better advertising and promotion of the assistance that they can provide to older people in meeting energy costs can make a real difference between the choice between heating or eating.

Government must do more to boost energy efficiency in the home by ensuring that programmes designed to help with heating improvements are understood and applied for. Meanwhile, the £4 billion of benefits left unclaimed by the poorest pensioners should be used to relieve persistent poverty among older people and not be used by Gordon Brown to fill Treasury coffers.; Source: Help the Aged

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