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Auxiliary Means

Auxiliary Means


Auxiliary means: Scarce commodities in Africa

Medical care with auxiliary means is not sufficiently regulated in every country in the world. The social system in Senegal for instance does not cover the cost for this. People with disabilities therefore need to pay for their own required resources. But what happens if that is not possible?Auxiliary means: Scarce commodities in Africa - Read more

Video campaign highlights diversity among young disabled people

Graphic: symbolic figures for equality [15/08/2014] The European Network on Independent Living (ENIL) is launching a series of four videos entitled "Think Different, Think Equal" to empower and raise awareness about the rights of disabled people in Europe. Video campaign highlights diversity among young disabled people - Read more

Design (Dis)ability Results

Photo: People in wheel chairs [06/08/2014] An international creative challenge aiming at the design of fashion accessory equipment for physically disabled people who use a wheelchair to get around was launched by RogLab, in collaboration with YHD – Association for Theory and Culture of Handicap, in their call for "DESIGN (DIS)ABILITY". Design (Dis)ability Results - Read more

Multiple sclerosis: new description and understanding

Photo: A tablet showing the words [11/06/2014] Multiple sclerosis manifests itself in many different ways and different courses. A recent effort to fine-tune descriptions – or phenotypes – of MS was undertaken by an international team of leaders in MS research and clinical care.Multiple sclerosis: new description and understanding - Read more

World MS Day 2014: Access for everybody

Photo: MS awareness [28/05/2014] The World MS Day on May 28 unites MS organizations globally and raises awareness of multiple sclerosis and those living with MS to improve public understanding and support that will move us closer a world free of MS.World MS Day 2014: Access for everybody - Read more

Autistic People and their Careers: More than just IT

In Germany, only five percent of the people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) work on the regular job market although they have many skills which can be deployed differently.Autistic People and their Careers: More than just IT - Read more

June 2013: A Look Beyond the Horizon

Horses in the jungle? Sea stars in Turkey? Exemplary projects for people with disabilities abroad sometimes go apparently unusual ways. What they can achieve for the particular population by doing so, you will get to know in our Topic of the Month June: For has A Look Beyond the Horizon.June 2013: A Look Beyond the Horizon - Read more

Turkey: When Dreams Come True…

Dancing, painting or taking pictures – almost everybody has an unfulfilled dream he or she would like to follow. In Turkey indeed, it is often not easy for teenagers with disabilities to fulfill their dreams. The support from the polity is missing. The project Dreams Academy tries with music and art to change something in the heads of the society – and to fulfill some teenagers’ wishes.Turkey: When Dreams Come True… - Read more

e-Inclusion: Computer and Internet for Everyone

It is really not difficult for us to be online nowadays with a laptop, smart phone or tablet computer. But this does not hold true for everyone: people with disabilities encounter barriers online, too. The project Di-Ji (German “Digital informiert – im Job integriert”) is the first place to go for all those who want to remove digital barriers in the work world.e-Inclusion: Computer and Internet for Everyone - Read more

Experiencing the World – without Barriers

Curbsides, pebble ways or prone sidewalks – these obstacles can spoil the holiday mood of wheelchair drivers everywhere in the world. But it does not have to be like that. A good planning and maybe even trained company help.Experiencing the World – without Barriers - Read more


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