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Politics & Legal Issues

Politics & Legal Issues


Traveling with disabilities: Vacation without limits

You need to be mobile if you want to travel. A fact that also applies to persons with disabilities. Yet the choices for accessible travel are slim. Oftentimes things also don’t work out because of inadequate service and poorly trained staff. That’s why the Weitsprung travel agency in Marburg, Germany, made it their mission to make travel dreams come true for everyone.Traveling with disabilities: Vacation without limits - Read more

Accessibility and independent living come to Armenia

Photo: Accessible city bus in Armenia [25/02/2015] Independent Living activists celebrate a significant success in the capital city of Armenia. February 20, 2015, was the day when the first ten accessible city buses started running in Yerevan.Accessibility and independent living come to Armenia - Read more

Older drivers can stay safe for longer

Photo: Elderly woman driving a car [25/02/2015] Older drivers who lack confidence on the road could benefit from a new training plan being developed by researchers at Aston University. The project will target older drivers’ ability to pay attention to different locations when at speed – known as their 'attentional switching flexibility'.Older drivers can stay safe for longer - Read more

StopInfo for OneBusAway app makes buses more usable for the blind

Photo: Blind woman at a bus stop [20/08/2014] A program called StopInfo integrates with OneBusAway and provides specific information on location, safety features and stop closures for each bus stop in King County. In particular, it seeks to collect and share information that blind people have identified as important when they ride the bus. It relies on bus riders using the application to update and provide information about each stop.StopInfo for OneBusAway app makes buses more usable for the blind - Read more

App to help elderly people get around on public transport

Photo: Demonstration of the app [25/07/2014] Getting around in a town or city is a necessity in order to carry out everyday tasks. However, knowing which is the most convenient bus to get to the centre or when you have to change buses is not always a straightforward task. This is now much easier for elderly people because the Tecnalia research centre has produced an app that offers the best alternative by providing clear information.App to help elderly people get around on public transport - Read more

Mobility is (not) a matter of course

Going by bus, train or using your own car? Many people, who want to be or have to be mobile, ask themselves this question. People with disabilities usually do not make this decision easily and rarely spontaneously. After all, every means of transportation has its drawbacks, when it comes to independent mobility. Here is a brief summary.Mobility is (not) a matter of course - Read more

Mobility: "Germany needs laws for inclusion and accessibility"

Quickly hopping on the underground or taking a taxi to get from A to B? For wheelchair users this is generally not possible without a great deal of planning – at least in Germany. But how are things in other countries?Mobility: "Germany needs laws for inclusion and accessibility" - Read more

Improving Public Transportation for People with Disabilities

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Photo: Wheelchair in a subway [30/10/2013] Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University at Buffalo, State University of New York, are collaborating on a five-year, $4.6 million federally funded project to advance physical access and public transportation for people with disabilities by bringing together computer science technology and the principles of universal design.Improving Public Transportation for People with Disabilities - Read more

March 2013: Accessibility and Mobility

On the way to work or during a vacation – particularly wheelchair users feel often confronted with numerous obstacles in the public long-distance and local traffic. To what extent travel assistants can help and how accessible bus and train really are, you will get to know in our Topic of the Month March: Accessibility and Mobility.March 2013: Accessibility and Mobility - Read more

Experiencing the World – without Barriers

Curbsides, pebble ways or prone sidewalks – these obstacles can spoil the holiday mood of wheelchair drivers everywhere in the world. But it does not have to be like that. A good planning and maybe even trained company help.Experiencing the World – without Barriers - Read more


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