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Help the Aged Warns of a Colder Winter

Help the Aged Warns of a Colder Winter

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In response to the UK Met Office forecast of a colder winter than last, Help the Aged is calling for all older people to check their boilers now in preparation for the months ahead.

After a wet summer and a cold start to the autumn, Help the Aged and British Gas are urging households over 60 to contact their energy suppliers for a free boiler check as part of an ongoing joint commitment to keeping people warm and well during the winter months.

Many energy suppliers, including British Gas, provide free boiler checks for people over 60.

Anna Pearson, British Gas Help the Aged Partnership spokesperson, says: "With news of a colder winter on its way, Help the Aged, in partnership with British Gas, is urging older people to act now in preparation for the expected cold weather. It is vital that older people do not get caught out by the cold and take measures to maintain the warmth in their homes. It is also important they know that they are not alone in preparing for the winter."

"Over the years Help the Aged has worked with and advised energy suppliers to introduce free services for more vulnerable older people. Today we are encouraging older people to contact their energy suppliers to receive these free services starting with a simple, yet essential, request for a boiler check."

By ensuring your boiler is functioning properly not only will you reduce the risk of having a cold or damp home and make financial savings, you could also save your life.

A faulty boiler or poor installation can also cause carbon monoxide to be produced. It is important to look out for physical signs of discolouration around the boiler, a yellowish flame or signs of sooting around the appliance. If you can see any of these signs you should have your boiler checked out immediately.

Next month Help the Aged and British Gas will launch their annual winter campaign. Information and tools on how to stay warm and well through the winter will be available to older people.; Source: Help the Aged

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