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Links to chat and discussion forums dealing with topics for those with special needs and those requiring care.


Ableize Disability Directory

The Ableize Disability Directory is the resource directory of UK adult and children's disability services. It includes advice and information, access, recreation and sports, plus the arts and education. There are also information on specific disabilities and updated news.

Youreable has integrated information, products and services into a community-based website. Since it's launch, more than one million people have visited the site to download over 3,500 pages of information across 17 different channels and to participate in 12 topic forums.


Disabilities-R-Us, the internet chat site created by and for people with physical disabilities - but everyone is welcome. They invite you to roam around theirweb site, and if you can, drop on in for some friendly chat in Disabled, their official chat room located on the Disabilities-R-Us Chat Network.


This is one of the UK's leading disability sites, giving essential information: news and feature articles, advice, adverts, links, an archive and a chat forum.You can use 16 forums to talk to other users or leave your messages.

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