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Motion Composites Inc.
519 J-Oswald Forest, suite 101
J0K 3H0 Saint-Roch-de-l'Achigan, Kanada

Telefon: +1 450 5886555
Mobile: +1 514 7151115
Fax: +1 450 5880200

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Helio Kids

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No matter your lifestyle, the Helio fits YOU!


Motion Composites’ innovative technology has breathed new life into a lightweight, foldable, durable and adjustable wheelchair: the Helio.

Helio, the only ultra-light folding wheelchair in its class, gives a new meaning to mobility. The Helio innovation has been made possible thanks to its incorporation of Formula 1 and aerospace technologies.

The Helio design is based on lightweight composite materials. Every part of the Helio was designed with the three essential qualities of the ideal wheelchair in mind: performance, adaptability, and durability.

The effects of lightness

Helio’s lightness facilitates wheelchair manageability while also providing other benefits to users :

• Less physical exertion required by the user.
• Less required arm movement and therefore a reduction in the frequency of injury.
• Reduction in long-term shoulder and joint injuries.
• Ease of transport and storage vehicle storage.

The practicality of a folding frame

Helio’s improved folding mechanism makes for an ultra-compact chair. Thanks to its folding mechanism and ultra light weight, use and storage of the Helio is like child’s play:

• The lightest of all folding frames
• Comparable weight to that of a fixed-frame

Lightness and versatility combined

It is no longer necessary to choose between lightweight and versatility. The Helio was designed in such a way as to provide the ultimate in a lightweight wheelchair that will simplify the work of healthcare professionals.

• Simple to use with intuitive controls
• Allows for precision adjustments
• Strong and secure controls
• Accessories that aid with freedom of movement

Designed to last

The use of composite materials significantly prolongs the life of this product. These materials are able to stand up to the wear and tear of daily use and poor weather conditions.

• Stands up completely against corrosion.


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Infinity wheels

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