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Karma-Europe B.V.
Euregiopark 12
6467 JE Kerkrade, Netherlands

Phone: +31 45 8200-150
Mobile: +31 651548272
Fax: +31 45 8200-159

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Who we are

Karma-Europe opens in 2013 its doors with the goal to serve our clients in Central Europe in the best possible way.
Our ultimate Target is to be able to deliver a wheelchair that has the ability to help not only with solving a mobility need. With our Karma products we even more strive to increase the standard of a person’s possibilities in enjoying the daily life and by that improve the quality of life. A kind smile of a Karma wheelchair user is the best reward we can wish for.

About the Brand

Renè Ploum – CEO

Karma has a long worldwide history with it’s origin in the most mature market in Asia, being Taiwan. The Brand history starts in 1987 with the foundation of Karma Medical Corporation. Karma was the first company to introduce aluminum-frame wheelchairs and has since then grown to become one of Asia’s largest, most innovative wheelchair providers. Working in close collaboration with therapists in many countries across the globe, Karma Medical Corporation has invested heavily in research and development and holds far over 100 patents, including many industry-standard technologies. Karma has over 800 sales and support centers in more than 40 countries.
Karma has reached its position as an industry leader by constantly asking itself: How Can We Make Our Wheelchairs Better Fit Our Users?
We believe that a wheelchair should be seen as an integral part of people’s lives. In designing our wheelchairs, we think of the user first. Our wheelchairs are made to fit the user’s environment, medical condition and body.
This is also the main reason that we decided to develop a complete range of wheelchairs, starting with an extremely lightweight and easy foldable transport wheelchair up to a completely individually adjustable High-End power wheelchair including special steering and environmental controls. A complete product family will help us in supporting the user’s needs to the max.

Sharing our clients’ expectations and delivering true results

Karma-Europe is founded with the goal to deliver sustainable and innovative wheelchairs and mobility solutions to our clients. Our European Product Management bring a diverse set of capability and industry experience to each product demand from the user and customer. The European Product Management looks at a mobility product with a wheelchair user perspective, and works alongside the client as “one team” to achieve enduring results.

Close to the customers

Karma-Europe believes that within the wheelchair market the customer satisfaction is mainly based on good communication and quick reaction time.
The completely equipped Central European Warehouse is one of the main fundaments in creating a tight cooperation between the manufacturer and the customer. Every wheelchair model and accessory is stocked and immediately available for delivery.