Alexandave Industries Co., Ltd. aus New Taipei City auf der REHACARE 2017 in Düsseldorf -- REHACARE-Messe

Alexandave Industries Co., Ltd.

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REHACARE 2017 Hallenplan (Halle 5): Stand F13


REHACARE 2017 Geländeplan: Halle 5

Unser Angebot


  • 10  Reisen, Freizeit, Sport und Spiel
  • 10.03  Freizeitangebote


  • 10  Reisen, Freizeit, Sport und Spiel
  • 10.10  Schwimmhilfen


  • 10  Reisen, Freizeit, Sport und Spiel
  • 10.12  Sportgeräte, Wintersport

Sportgeräte, Wintersport

  • 10  Reisen, Freizeit, Sport und Spiel
  • 10.13  Wellness


  • 11  Training, Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
  • 11.02  Behandlungsliegen, Massageliegen und Zubehör

Behandlungsliegen, Massageliegen und Zubehör

  • 11  Training, Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
  • 11.03  Bewegungstherapiegeräte


  • 11  Training, Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
  • 11.04  Bewegungstrainingsgeräte, Muskeltrainingsgeräte, Balancetrainingsgeräte

Bewegungstrainingsgeräte, Muskeltrainingsgeräte, Balancetrainingsgeräte

  • 11  Training, Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
  • 11.07  Gymnastikraumeinrichtungen, Gymnastikraumzubehör

Gymnastikraumeinrichtungen, Gymnastikraumzubehör

  • 11  Training, Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
  • 11.11  Laufbänder


  • 11  Training, Physiotherapie und Ergotherapie
  • 11.13  Massagegeräte


  • 12  Verbände, Organisationen, Pflegeeinrichtungen und Dienstleistungen
  • 12.04  Häusliche Pflege, persönliche Assistenz und Budgetberatung

Häusliche Pflege, persönliche Assistenz und Budgetberatung

  • 12  Verbände, Organisationen, Pflegeeinrichtungen und Dienstleistungen
  • 12.09  Reha-Kliniken, Kureinrichtungen

Reha-Kliniken, Kureinrichtungen

Unsere Produkte

Produktkategorie: Sportgeräte, Wintersport, Bewegungstrainingsgeräte, Muskeltrainingsgeräte, Balancetrainingsgeräte, Gymnastikraumeinrichtungen, Gymnastikraumzubehör

ALEX Brand

With a strong belief that “Always Exercise” is key to human health, Alexandave adopted two prefixes “Al” & “Ex” and launched a well-known Brand “ Alex” covering sporting products decades ago. For over 3o years , “Alex” has been a famous vehicle to communicate and bring quality and fitness-oriented devices and items to global sports fans. There are great variety of devices and items in “Alex” , ranging from softline to hardline , from mobile items to integrated training station. People from all over the world are happy to find and use quality fitness devices in “Alex” product easily.

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Produktkategorie: Sportgeräte, Wintersport, Bewegungstrainingsgeräte, Muskeltrainingsgeräte, Balancetrainingsgeräte, Gymnastikraumeinrichtungen, Gymnastikraumzubehör

Age Well (alexia / ALDA)

"Age Well " stands for the mission and commitment of Alexandave team toward People who ages in the 21th century. There are four elements ( 4 "H" ) in the operational meaning of "Age Well " - " Happy" , Health" , "Hope" , " Hundred" . Through "Happy" self-training and exercise, people can have "Health" and "Hope" to live up to "Hundred" years of age. The line of Products and Services under "Age Well" are developed to help aging people ease their self-fulfillment activities or training happily in daily or scheduled program to gain health and filled with hope to live over hundred years.

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Produktkategorie: Bewegungstrainingsgeräte, Muskeltrainingsgeräte, Balancetrainingsgeräte

The ALDA Balance Gear

Improve Your Balance for Safe Performance The ALDA Balance Gear is a wearable device to improve your body balance with real-time evaluation and training guideline to reduce your chances of falling, thereby increasing your mobility, and improving life quality.

Alda Balance Gear is revolutionary wearable device that makes "Human Balance" measurement and training easy and available outside clinic environment. Being connected to any PC/NB , the light-weighted Alda Balance Gear enables senior people or stroked people to regain their personal balance control by wearing it on the back of their body. The report collected from the customized training program provides info to all clinic or academic institute how an unbalanced people behaves himself to regain Balance.

1. No burden for user
2. Efficient in operation
3. Measurement and training in one device
4. Real time data collection
5. Dynamic measurement and training
6. Low investment
7. Cost effective
8. Easy Operation & Storage
9. CSV data for Medicare analysis
10. Off site operation

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Über uns


Alexandave Industries Ltd. was founded in 1980 in Taipei, Taiwan as an OEM manufacturer of sporting goods. 1982 saw the introduction of the "ALEX" brand, specializing in weight training equipment. The ALEX brand is synonymous with quality and value and had since enjoyed popular demand in the European, Japanese, and parts of North American market.

With our 30+ years of experience in fitness equipment, we expanded Our Products portfolio with senior health management systems. The "ALEXIA" brand was introduced in 2008 to promote the concept of "Age Well" for the senior population to gain confidence and independence to achieve a quality way of life. Having witnessed numerous counts of aging pains, we make it our mission to return dignity to the experienced ones.

We strive for excellence in quality and service in what we do. We pride ourselves in our ability to design and develop our signature products as well as satisfying our clients' needs. Our design team aims to capture the essence of joy through contemporary design language to spread the spirit through Our Productss, and we will stay committed to bring our quality and services to the next level.

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